Game Of The Week

  • Smith3

    Gordonsville Beats Smith County to Break the Streak

    “The laundry mat/pool hall/liquor store/McDonald will be burnt down tonight in Gordonsville,” said Chad Withrow of 104.5 after hearing that Gordonsville had beat Smith County for the first time in 15...

  • Oakland 1

    Oakland beats Riverdale in Dominating Fashion

    High school football season arrived early Thursday night in Murfreesboro when  Oakland made the short trip down the road to Riverdale to play in one of the, “Great American Rivals” games. ...

  • touchdown

    SidelineTalk adds new “Game of the Week”

    With the upcoming high school football season getting ready to kick off, here at SidelineTalk we have decided to start a new section entitled, “Game of the Week”. There have always...