SidelineTalk adds new “Game of the Week”

Updated: August 4, 2013

With the upcoming high school football season getting ready to kick off, here at SidelineTalk we have decided to start a new section entitled, “Game of the Week”.

There have always been certain states  known for producing great football players.  States like Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Ohio quickly come to mind.  However, in the past several years, Tennessee has started to produce several players who are going on to have good careers in college and then in the NFL.

With all that talent now right in our backyard, each week SidelineTalk will cover the area’s biggest matchups.  Very near to us this year, there will be some very talented and highly recruited players playing.  We hope to give local fans the potential to follow certain players and teams in big time games.

High school football is, without a doubt, all about supporting your community.  With this section of the website though, we will let fans become familiar with the players everyone is talking about all around the great football state of Tennessee.