Jr. Tigers Fall Short In Championship Against Smith County Owls

Updated: October 21, 2013

On October 12, the2013 7-8 year-old championship game between the DeKalb Tigers and the Smith County Owls began with the ball in the Tigers’ possession. In seven plays the Tigers drove from their 30-yard-line to the Owls’ 43, but a holding penalty and two fruitless plays left them facing a 4th and 14. They chose to “punt.” Smith county ran the clock out and made it almost to midfield before the first quarter ended with no points on the scoreboard for either team. Six plays into the second quarter they were facing a 4th and 9, but couldn’t convert it to a first down. DeKalb took over on their own 35…

…But only for one play. Running back Ryan Thompson took the ball from quarterback Briz Trapp, ran for eight yards, and fumbled. Smith County recovered. On their eighth play, number 17 ran the ball 22 yards to score a touchdown as the time ran out on the first half. The point after touchdown was not good, ending the half with Smith County up 6-0.

Smith County took possession in the beginning of the second half, driving to the Tiger 34-yard-line in the first ten plays. On 4th and 1, number 14 ran the ball to around DeKalb’s 10-yard-line. Unfortunately for the Owls, a holding penalty was called, and the Owls had to replay 4th down, starting this time from DeKalb’s 47-yard-line. They elected to punt.

The Owls had used all but 16 seconds of the third quarter with their first second-half drive. The Tigers took over on their 22-yard-line and got one play off before the third quarter buzzer sounded. On 4th and 5, Trapp kept the ball and did his best, but could only net 3 yards before being brought down.

Smith County then gained two yards in four plays and turned over to DeKalb. The Tigers gained 10 yards in two plays, but Thompson fumbled the ball on the second play, and again the Owls recovered. They would use up the remaining two and a half minutes of the game to seal the victory over the Tigers, 6-0.