Saints Crush Cannon County

Updated: August 29, 2014



A Tyler Bundy Tackle

DeKalb County Saints came away with another shut out win Thursday night against Cannon County. After holding Cannon County to just 3 yards on their first possession it only took DeKalb 2 plays to get into the end zone. #19 Colter Norris gave the ball to #23 Tyler Bundy and he ran for 57 yards down to the Cannon county 6 yard line then Colter gave the ball to Tyler again and he carried it home to put the Saints on the board with 4:19 left in the first quarter and the 2 point conversion was good so the Saints led 8-0. DeKalb held Cannon to only 6 yards on the next possession and then penalties hindered DeKalb County to close out the first quarter.


Hunter Fann and Isaac Hall making a big stop

DeKalb County’s first possession in the second quarter resulted in another touchdown. It started with a handoff from Colter Norris to Tyler Bundy for a 25 yard run. Three plays later #19 Colter Norris hit #3 Grayson Redmon with a 35 yard pass and run. Two plays later #23 Tyler Bundy ran 6 yards, which capped off an 81 yard drive, for his 2nd touchdown which put DeKalb up 14-0 with 2:44 remaining in the first half. DeKalb’s high pressure defense held Cannon County on their next possession and got the ball back with 47 seconds on the clock. After a 3 yard run by #23 Bundy #19 Norris hooked up with #13 Tanner Poss for a 27 yard pass and run. Two plays later #23 Bundy once again scampered into the end zone for his third touchdown with 12 seconds left in the half and put the Saints up 20-0 and that is how the second half ended.


Tyler Bundy rumbles for a big gain


Tanner Poss making a stop


Colter Norris hooking up with Tanner Poss


Colter Norris throwing deep

To start the 2nd half DeKalb came out and got a holding penalty which backed them up 10 yards and then 2 plays later and ineligible receiver down field backed them up another 10 yards and they had to punt. The Saints defense came back out and held the Lions to 6 yards and DeKalb got the ball back with 2:45 on the clock in the 3rd quarter. #19 Colter Norris came out and gave the ball to #23 Bundy for a 12 yard run and followed that up with a handoff to #13 Poss for a 7 yard run. Norris then hit Poss with a 10 yard pass to keep the drive going. An 11 yard run from Bundy got the Saints down to the Lions 15 yard line. #19 Colter Norris gave the ball to #5 Issac Hall and he took it into the end zone with :47 left on the clock. The 2 point conversion was no good and DeKalb led 26-0.

The 4th quarter saw several penalties and fumbles on both sides of the ball and no points were scored in the quarter. The game ended with a 13 yard drive from DeKalb and they won their 3rd shutout game in a row. DeKalb ended up with 183 rushing yards led by #23 Tyler Bundy and 74 passing yards by #19 Colter Norris. #13 Tanner Poss ended the game with 44 yards, #3 Grayson Redmon had 35 yards, #25 Noah Martin had 23 yards, and #5 Issac Hall had 21 yards.